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Amirmehdi ASGHARİ

Amirmehdi ASGHARİ

Amirmehdi Asghari is the Lead Public Procurement and Contract Management Consultant. Before this, he was the Global Lead Procurement Officer of Project Procurement Office under the Country Programs Complex of the Islamic Development Bank. He served as Senior Project Procurement Specialist, prior to the organizational restructuring of the Bank that occurred in January 2018. Then, since beginning of 2018, he was appointed as Global Lead Procurement Officer (GPO) as per new organizational structure of Country Programs Complex of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and served the Bank until February 2019. 
He believes the strategic role of procurement in achieving development effectiveness goals by recognizing that countries are looking to be more efficient in their public spending so that they can invest more in basic public services such as education, and infrastructure services and enrich development outcomes. In summary, Procurement could strongly supports countries to achieve value for money with integrity in delivering sustainable development. 
His key technical strengths are Procurement under Multilateral Development Banks like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank,…etc; public procurement reform; procurement for large infrastructure projects; training and capacity building in the area of procurementdesign, supply & installation as well as complex civil works procurement; contract management and contractual Dispute Resolution; Sustainable Procurement; e-Government Procurement (eGP). 

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